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Ready for IELTS (2nd Edition) – PDF, Resources

Download Macmillan Ready for IELTS (2nd Edition) 2017 – PDF SB TB WB, Audio, Videos, Tests, Resources.

Ready for IELTS (2nd Edition)

Ready for IELTS 2nd Edition provides full preparation and practice to take the Academic IELTS module and looking to achieve an IELTS band of between 5.0 and 7.0. It is a topic-based course with a strong grammar, vocabulary and word-building syllabus throughout. The language is integrated with the exam practice in each unit, and there are clear examples of the target language in context. In addition, the language is recycled throughout the unit and the course

Ready for IELTS (2nd Edition) – PDF, Resources

Student’s Book | Workbook | Teacher’s Book
SB Audio + Scripts | WB Audio + Scripts | SB WB Key | SB WB Wordlist | Speaking videos and worksheets | Communicative activities | Exam tips | Tests | Extra

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