The Big Picture | 6 Levels (PDF, Resources) | Richmond

Free Download The Big Picture (PDF, Audio, Resources) | Richmond.

The Big Picture reflects the key issues in the world today which are immediately relevant to the learners’ worlds and experiences with striking real world images. These images provide a fresh, contemporary look and are at the centre of tasks, encouraging learners to work with and interpret them. Carefully structured discussion tasks encourage personalization, localization, and critical thinking, and complete functional language lessons develop conversation strategies and are applied to students’ immediate world experience.

>Download American Big Picture B1 Pre-Intermediate Workbook.pdf
>Download American Big Picture B2 Upper Intermediate. Teacher’s Book.pdf
>Download The Big Picture Pre-Intermediate. Student’s Book.pdf
>Download The Big Picture Pre-Intermediate. Workbook.pdf
>Download The Big Picture B2 Upper Intermediate. Student’s Book.pdf
>Download The Big Picture B2 Upper Intermediate (CD 1,2,3)
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