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Test your english vocabulary in use upper intermediate 01 Edition


Did you know that testing your English vocabulary could be enjoyable? You can use this book alone or in class and watch your rapid progress. Each test will build confidence and help you remember even \’problem\’ words.
Test Your English Vocabulary in Use
• is a convenient revision aid
• builds confidence in using vocabulary
• contains 90 easy-to-use tests
• offers a wide variety of enjoyable test types
• has a clear marking system on each page so progress can be checked easily
• includes a comprehensive answer key with pronunciation of difficult words
• can be used for self-study and in class.

Test 1. Names of English language words
Test 2 Suffixes
Test 3. Prefixes
Test 4. Roots
Test 5. Abstract nouns
Test 6. Compound adjectives
Test 7. Compound nouns (1)
Test 8. Compound nouns (2)
Test 9. Words from other languages
Test 10. Abbreviations and acronyms
Test 11. New words in English
Test 12. Words commonly mispronounced
Test 13 Onomatopoeic words
Test 14 Homonyms
Test 15. Connecting and linking (1)
Test 16. Connecting and linking (2)
Test 17. Text-referring words
Test 18. Discourse markers in speech
Test 19. Discourse markers in writing
Test 20. Uncountable words
Test 21. Words that occur only in the plural
Test 22. Countable and uncountable nouns with different meanings
Test 23. Collective nouns
Test 24 Making uncountable nouns countable
Test 25. Containers and contents
Test 26. Countries, nationalities and languages
Test 27. Weather
Test 28. Describing people (1) appearance
Test 29. Describing people (2) character
Test 30. Relationships
Test 31. At home
Test 32. Everyday problems
Test 33. Global problems
Test 34. Education
Test 35. Work
Test 36. Sport
Test 37. The arts
Test 38. Music
Test 39. Food
Test 40. The environment
Test 41. Towns
Test 42. The natural world
Test 43.Clothes
Test 44. Health and medicine
Test 45. Travel
46. Holidays
47. Numbers and shapes
48. Science and technology
49. Computers
50. The press and the media
51 Politics and public institutions
Test 52. Crime
Test 53. Money – buying, selling and paying
Test 54. Belief and opinion
Test 55. Pleasant and unpleasant feelings
Test 56. Like, dislike and desire
Test 57. Speaking
Test 58. The six senses
Test 59. What your body does
Test 60. Number, quantity, degree and intensity
Test 61. Time
Test 62. Distance and dimension
Test 63. Obligation, need, possibility and probability
Test 64. Sound and light
Test 65. Possession, giving and lending
Test 66. Movement and speed
Test 67. Texture, brightness, weight and density
Test 68. Success, failure and difficulty
Test 69. Idioms – general
Test 70. Everyday expressions
Test 71. Similes
Test 72. Binomials
Test 73. Idioms describing people
Test 74. Idioms describing feeling or mood
Test 75. Idioms describing problematic situations
Test 76. Idioms connected with praise and criticism
Test 77. Idioms connected with using language
Test 78. Miscellaneous idioms
Test 79. Proverbs
Test 80. Expressions with do and make
Test 81. Expressions with bring and take
Test 82. Expressions with get, set and put
Test 83. Expressions with come and go
Test 84. Expressions with other verbs
Test 85. Formal and informal words (1)
Test 86. Formal and informal words (2)
Test 87. US English
Test 88. Other Englishes
Test 89. Headline English
Test 90. The language of signs and notices


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