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Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1 – Tony Grice and James Greenan (PDF, DJVU, MP3) 2011. Oxford English for Careers: Nursing – A course for pre-work students who are studying for a career in nursing.

Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1
Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1

Nursing is ideal for pre-work students, studying at pre-intermediate to intermediate level, who will need to use English in work situations. It is also suitable for qualified nurses thinking of working in English-speaking countries.

Nursing develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students will need when working in a medical environment. These include talking about the body, describing signs of illness, and conveying instructions to patients and colleagues.

Key features:

  • Authentic and up-to date information in every course, written and checked by industry insiders.
  • Clear and straightforward structure, with each unit containing a menu of learning outcomes, and an end-of-unit checklist with ‘Can do’ tick boxes.
  • Teaches English in context, so students practise the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations.
  • Extra facts, figures, quotations, and specialist terminology included in the top margin of unit pages.
  • The Teacher’s Resource Book provides specialist background to the industry for every unit, as well as industry tips to support non-expert teachers.

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Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1 SB (PDF)

Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1 Audio CD (Mp3)

Oxford English for Careers Nursing 1 TB (PDF, Djvu)

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