Oxford English for Careers Commerce 1,2

Oxford English for Careers Commerce 1,2 – Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle (SB, TB, Audio CD) 2011. Oxford English for Careers: Commerce – A course for pre-work students who are studying for a career in commerce.

Oxford English for Careers Commerce
Oxford English for Careers Commerce

Commerce is ideal for pre-work students, studying at pre-intermediate to intermediate levels, who will need to use English in work situations.

Commerce develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students need to communicate effectively in both formal and informal scenarios in the workplace. These include taking part in meetings, giving presentations, and socializing with colleagues.

Key features:

  • Authentic and up-to date information in every course, written and checked by industry insiders.
  • Clear and straightforward structure, with each unit containing a menu of learning outcomes, and an end-of-unit checklist with ‘Can do’ tick boxes.
  • Teaches English in context, so students practise the language and skills they need for the job in real work situations.
  • Real-world profiles from genuine professionals in the ‘It’s my job’ section offer authentic and engaging insights into the industry.
  • Extra facts, figures, quotations, and specialist terminology included in the top margin of unit pages.
  • Additional activities and tests in the Teacher’s Resource Book make the course suitable for mixed-ability classes.
  • The Teacher’s Resource Book provides specialist background to the industry for every unit, as well as industry tips to support non-expert teachers.
  • Project work in the Student’s Book, additional activities on the Student’s Site, and a Key words list of essential vocabulary at the end of every unit provide extra opportunities for revision.

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Oxford English for Careers: Commerce 1 SB (PDF)
Oxford English for Careers: Commerce 1 TB (PDF)
Oxford English for Careers: Commerce Audio CD (Mp3)
Oxford English for Careers: Commerce 2 SB (PDF)

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